Wednesday, March 2, 2011


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this is the cover of a mixtape produced by Asrafo records named ROC THE MIC vol
2 and my participation on the project was the illustations.
on the front, i portayed 13 african dictactors around a table just like in
leonardo Da vinci's famous drawing "The Last Supper".on the table i put many
delicious meats and under the table you can see some skulls. all this to show
how african politicians kill their rivals because of greediness. politics is a
dirty game, is an original idea of Asrafo records. i'm used to portaying
people but this work was not easy at all because i'd to find the right pictures
and put them at the right position and at the same time make the people behave
like in the drawing of Da vinci.
the colors and the composition were done by Efy Mike Saboutey
these are the names of the dictactors,from left to right you have:
Sassou Nguesso,Idriss deby,Eyadema,Omar Bongo, Bokassa,Mobutu,Houphouet,Peter
Bota, Kadhafi,Hassan II,Paul Biya,Charles Taylor,Blaise compaoré.

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